I’m fed up of repeats of comedy on the BBC – it seems like they’re producing nothing new, and there’s only so many times I can watch the same episode of Have I Got News For You before I wonder what makes the BBC so different from Dave.

So, maybe some fresh ideas are needed? – Here’s an idea for a show.

The Commission.

1) Start with crowdsourcing. (I love crowdsourcing). Ask the public for ideas for new shows on the BBC. It can be a gameshow, a drama, a documentary, a sitcom, anything.

2) Take the list of ideas, and combine it with all the suggestions for shows that have been pitched to the BBC, but rejected.

3) Each week, take two of the most ridiculous of these suggestions, and make 15 minute episodes of these shows. Use a team of comedians to make each programme, regardless of the genre, and do it in a fashion where it’s clear that they’re hastily thrown together no-expense-spared Red Dwarf style.

It’ll either be a huge success, or a colossal flop. Either way it’ll be hilarious.

Job done.