So, after years of avoiding it, I find that I watch The Apprentice when the BBC air it. Maybe I’ll get bored of the novelty after a few weeks, but at the moment i find it immensely entertaining.

The BBC have runs several series of a spin-off competition: The Young Apprentice – aimed at 16-18 year old business minds. That’s kind of interesting as a concept, but I tend to find the show a little boring. When they fail, it’s almost as if the businesspeople they’re dealing with are humouring them because of their age, and when they succeed it’s all too often because their idea is sensible, but a bit boring.

What I’d like to see is The Old Apprentice – Same show, but with over-50s as the contestants. Drop the emphasis on trying to get hold of clueless self-absorbed numpties as candidates, and instead try and get the best you can find, while making the tasks more open for creative input. Let’s see what experience and wisdom can bring to the table.