Dear Tessa. You’re supposed to be 22 years old. Stop looking like a 6 year old. No love, Your artist.

If you compare this page to the last, it looks more sparse, with much less detail or effort, right? – Well, the last page took 20 minutes, and this one took about 65.

There are several good reasons for this:
1) Drawing a person takes a long time, because if you mess up their shape, they look absolutely wrong, whereas you can get away with anything at all when you’re drawing mad science.
2) Lettering takes me ages (and is a real strain on the wrist)
3) Each panel is a self-contained picture, which means that you’re actually drawing quite a lot of different things. This takes much more time than one thing that takes up the entire page.
4) You have to plan and block out dialogue, so that it fits nicely into the page – otherwise your pace sucks.
5) I can’t draw speech bubbles.

On the plus side, I think I actually succeeded with expression drawing. That’s a first!

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