I wasn’t entirely sure what notes a typical doorbell sounds with, so I just put them at a random interval.

I very much enjoyed making the defining character trait of one character “he’s used to the other characters”

You’ll notice (he says, drawing attention to it so that it’s guaranteed to happen.) in the last panel here, that the art-style for Oliver’s eyes is different to Tess and Dodgeson. Oliver’s eyes have been scribbled down using my old “do eyes in a hurry” technique – they’re very fast indeed, but look a bit funny. Tess’ eyes are done using my more recent style, but take a bit longer. I decided to move over to the newer style somewhere around here, because I preferred the look, at the cost of some time drawing every face.

Over the course of the rest of the comic, I developed a way of drawing this style of eye more quickly (although with less control) and used it to speed up again.

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