Here is that text block in case you didn’t want to read it from the comic:

Oh! She’s a half-orc? She’s so tall! Her armour’s a lot more battle-scarred and scrappy than I expected but that makes sense as she’ll get into a lot of fights being a hero and everything It looks real heavy too but her stance is relaxed like it weighs nothing she probably lifts wagons to exercise With that kind of strength I bet she could fight a dragon with her bare hands I wonder how many towns she’s been to Mystery needs some aboleth blood and I bet she knows where to find some She would fight big scary monsters all the time I wonder if she’s ever met a unicorn That sword looks special, it’s completely pristine so it’s probably magical I’d like to get a look at it She’s a lot prettier than the other half-orcs I know Are her eyes silver? Is that normal? By my ears she looks cool look at her hair! Has she shaved it short on one side? I wonder if that’s for style or if it’s to cover up from damage I’d like to know what spells she can cast I heard paladins can heal people just by touching them Does she have any titles? What’s the appropriate form of address for a paladin I never asked If I get it wrong is that rude? Oh no she’s waiting for me to say something and I wasn’t listening don’t panic be cool Konsi she’s a Tymoran she probably won’t hate you on sight