This is a game I’ve invented called “You know what’s annoying?”

Ideally, the rules are as follows.

1) Choose a play period. For best results, this should be around a month of real time.

2) Players may at any time ask each other the question “You know what’s (foo)” – or a question that’s similar in construction. The answer to this question should be unexpectedly obvious and uninformative. (e.g. you know what’s not cool? Lava.)

3) If players respond to these questions with any correct answer (lava, fire, The Sahara desert etc) – then they score a point. If they respond with “no?” or “what?”, then the questioning player may give any valid answer to score a point.

4) A player doesn’t need to realize they asked a game-format question in order for the answering player to score a point from them.

At the end of the play period, the player with the higher score is officially the most annoying.

We do not recommend playing this game.