This pun has been in my notebook for about two years. I was thinking of introducing an evil queen character so that I could some variant this joke, but it would be a standalone villain, and I kept over-designing the idea in my mind’s eye then giving up on it. Eventually I figured the demon lord of Puns could come up with it, but he didn’t really have enough people to want to kill for it to be a problem for him.

Eventually, it came to me to put this in the hands of these characters about the same time I came up with the other “Ocarina is Queen” comics. While the jokes have been of similar quality and style, the story (As much as there is one) has been pointed towards this scene for the last five or six comics in this series. Now the characters can move on from these discussions and get on with other adventures.

Additionally, I’ve run out of party members who could realistically chastise Ocarina for poor decision making. In my mind each of them has gotten frustrated and walked out of the post of her adviser shortly after the comic they appeared in, so we’ve run this series out of steam.

On the plus side, I still have two or three comics planned to move this story along. Hooray!