Another StripSearch challenge. This time to make a comic using the concepts of “Naughty” and “Mystery”, in less than 90 minutes.

To be honest, I had difficulty coming up with a joke for these. My original idea was to draw two kids in a joke shop, wondering what was behind the “18’s only” door, sneaking through it to find a room full of old people playing backgammon.

I imagined, however, that most people would do something sexual related (or implied) for “naughty” so went with the more innocent interpretation of the word as applied to children who misbehave, which led to this.

This is the first elimination comic where I’ve run out of time before colour. Knowing I was short of time after the pencils, I decided to have some fun and I inked this with a paintbrush.

I’ve never inked with a paintbrush before, as you can no doubt tell.