300th comic, so as is traditional, the comic uses non-traditional media. It also shows that I will go to fairly ridiculous lengths just to make a cheap joke.

This has got to be the worst method ever for making webcomics, I remain amazed that David Morgan-Mar managed to make so many lego-photo comics with IWC. Of course, he wasn’t regularly suspending cardboard speech bubbles over his models…

  • Minis are from Super Dungeon explore.
  • Grass, and stones were made very quickly with promarkers on card. I feel it is somewhat ironic that I use something with ‘pro’ in it’s brandname.
  • Houses are papercraft “hovels” which were designed by someone called ‘Dave Graffam’. That’s all I know about them.
  • Speech bubbles were drawn on bristol board, then cut out with a scalpel and suspended over the models with a small stand clamp, a pencil, and black thread.