Andrew Lansley is my MP. He hasn’t responded the last three times that I wrote to him, so I’m starting to think I should save copies of the letters I write to him, and put them on the internet.

I’m supportive of quite a bit of the stuff the Government is doing, on average I reckon I support their choices slightly more often than I support Labour’s choices, but this one seems pretty clear cut to me. Two public entertainers doing the exactly the same thing, and David Cameron thinks it “inappropriate” to comment on one of them, yet immediately goes on public record condemning the other. The only difference I can see between them is that one donates to the party, whereas the other slates them with satire occasionally.

Or perhaps we could look at the case of companies illegally refusing to pay tax at all? In this case it’s clearly illegal in all cases – and a government minister is entirely happy to condemn the act when it’s an everyday person trying to make a fast buck. When it’s Vodaphone refusing to pay £6bn however, we write off the debt, and send the chancellor halfway around the world to shake their hands.

Taking all bets on whether or not Lansley responds to my letter…