I’m back!

Here are four of the sketches for the Festive Sketch Request. MorkaisChosen, yours will feature as a comic sometime soon.

Some notes:

Reservoir Octopodes… Well, a picture is a picture.

I don’t really know how to draw dieselpunk. Most of the reference images I looked at had quite large areas with no detailing in, whereas my normal steampunk images tend to just fill all available space with pipes and wires and cogs, in order to disguise the fact that I can’t really draw very well. Still, it worked.

I’m quite happy with how my Chibis look these days, even if I did totally mess up that axe. I drew the axe first, then the character, and the body ended up longer than I had planned – but I didn’t notice the axe was floating until I’d inked it, so I added more haft above the blade, and now it’s some kind of stupid proto-bat’leth. Oh well!

I think the kittens are winning that fight.

As always, if any of you want the originals, just let me know via email where to post them (or come and collect if you’re local.)