If you emailed me about my collaboration project, then you should now have had a reply with feedback. if you provided a script I should have edited it in full before replying, giving detailed feedback on each scene/panel. If you have not had this, please let me know.

Overall there were ten submissions, and of these, I’ve picked one to go with, and two others that looked exciting and fun to go back to later. Everything I saw was fun to read, whether a complete script or just an overview, and a couple of the ideas thrown my way were particularly neat. you guys are creative people.

For now, I’m going to finish work on the V4th pitch, while starting to rough out character sketches for the collaboration project. Expect this project to go dark for a while, and suddenly emerge out of the shadows sometime around summer 2014.

It’s been fun, and a huge thank-you to everyone who contributed, you’re all incredible.