Being a register of the more commonly occurring characters in the S&P comic.

Socks and Puppets – Everyday Life

Very loosely based on myself and my better half, The comic personae of David and Josephine exist to provide us with a way to make jokes about everyday life.


David – Purveyor of fine jpegs.

Very loosely based on the writer of this comic. David likes bright colours and childish things, and acts irresponsibly. Everything in life exists as an excuse to make a stupid joke.

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Josephine – Of the infinite patience.

Even more vaguely related to my wonderful editor, Josephine is mostly the one who puts up with David. A little more responsible, sometimes she finds herself playing along rather than disapproving.

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Socks and Puppets – The Postal Service


The Postal Service comics deal with Tabletop-RPG style adventures in a fantasy setting. These comics are loosely based on various Dungeons & Dragons games that I’ve been a part of over the years, and the characters are an amalgamation of my favourite characters from those stories. Where the comic makes a joke about a specific game or edition, I’ll make a note of it, but these comics are not otherwise based on a specific ruleset.

The Postal Service is set in a homebrew setting: On the continent of Halberd ‘Adventure’ has been declared illegal, and so traditional adventuring activities are performed under a thin disguise of “legitimate activities”. Our party operate a special branch of the Post Office, dealing with complicated (and usually dangerous) deliveries. Operating out of a manor house an hour’s walk from the capital city of The Accord, The Post Office Special Team will deliver anything from anywhere to anywhere, for a negotiable fee.


Kayla – Half-Orc Warden.

Growing up as an orphan on the streets was hard on Kayla… at least until her Orcish blood kicked in and she started growing strong. While life is much more comfortable now, she still remembers what it’s like to be at rock-bottom. Kayla was chosen to lead the Post Office Franchise not for her wits or charm, but because her heart is in the right place, and lots of big problems seem much smaller from behind a giant half-orc with a big hammer.

As the leader of the Post Office Special Team, Kayla’s main duty is to keep everyone else on track, and to remember to always get a receipt when a job is finished. Mostly though, she’s there to pull the others out of the fire when they inevitably cause more trouble than they can deal with.

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Poetry – Demonkin Warlock.

The Empire’s war with the Dominion of Terokan ended five years ago, and since then the laws of the Accord have… ‘welcomed’ the demonkin as citizens… at least officially. Old grudges die hard though, and like most of the demonkin who have chosen to migrate to more civilised lands, Poetry did so to leave behind a past she would rather forget. There are good reasons that people don’t trust the demonkin, and that’s mostly because their ancestral blood tends to drive them to… unpleasant behaviour.

Poetry doesn’t talk much about her past, but she does claim that to leave it behind, she desires to become… if not a good person, at least a better one. However, unlike many of the Demonkin who say such things, she actually means it… even if it turns every day into a constant battle. With luck, she’ll find what she’s looking for before her past catches up with her, and a life working with the Postal Service means she’s often on the move, which suits her fine.

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Martyn – Human Cleric.

Martyn spent much of his early years in the church shuffling paperwork from one pile of documents to another… occasionally making annotations in the margins. He was recently assigned to the Postal Service as a special church liaison, ostensibly to ensure that their operations remained “ethical” especially given the reputation of Postal Special Teams and their methods. The reality of the situation certainly did not involve discovering evidence of corruption and embezzlement, then showing that evidence to the wrong people. It would be wise to avoid giving such rumours credence… Rumour-mongers tend to be very… accident prone.

As a member of the Church Bureaucracy, Martyn has some basic clerical training, a good eye for reading people, and a general wealth of knowledge about pretty much every subject other than religion. On the downside, he’s often easily distracted, and not always the most stunning of conversationalists.

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Fife – Half-Elf Aristocrat.

A girl can only handle so much needlework, suitors, and lessons about etiquette with the governess before she cracks up and runs away from home to become an adventurer.

Fife doesn’t have much by way of combat training, but she’s enthusiastic and fearless. Her place in the Post Office Special Team exists mostly on the merits of social ability, and her understanding of the higher circles of society. An adventuring business can’t survive unless it can pull in wealthy customers, and Fife’s ability to reel in the big contracts does occasionally compensate for her fiscal irresponsibility.

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Sphinx – Beastkin Monk.

Long ago, the Moonspeakers of the Beastkin Clans collectively decided that the endless wars with the humans and gnomes could not be won. They chose remote and dangerous territories to withdraw the clans to in order to preserve them and keep them safe. Contact with the beastkin clans has been extremely rare until a decade ago when the Moonspeaker of the Kopplkotl Fang discovered a prophecy that could not be ignored… That a small half-elf Aristocrat would one day be of great importance to the world.

In response, the Moonspeaker took a single Beastkin child to a remote human monastery, to be raised as a guardian for this chosen one. Sphinx’s entire life was thus spent in meditation and training until the day she was sent from the Monastery to fulfil this duty.

There are many things Sphinx doesn’t properly understand: Criminal behaviour, innuendo, subtlety, alcohol, lying… trousers. Fortunately, none of that impedes her duty to protect Fife.

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