For those who’ve been asking, Art Project March shall make a return this March.

Please consider the submission period open – tell your friends! There are only 31 slots for suggestions, so get in early to guarantee your suggestion being taken – as always suggestion slots are filled on a first-come-first-served basis. If APM is new to you, have a look through previous years for ideas for what works well, and to avoid previous suggestions.

In the past, I have given away all my art from APM to the person suggesting it, so if you thought it was cool, this is effectively a loophole to get a free commission. This year I intend to increase the number of colour images, and maybe even do one or two full digital pictures, so it should be awesome.

If you think you might want to take part in arting, please let me know also. While I don’t need advance notice, significantly more people than last year will need a streamlined submission process and pagebuilding process. At the moment everything is done by hand, and I spent as much time making the site as I did drawing!

Finally, there is a chance that APM this year will be disrupted by EPIC HOUSE MOVE. If this happens, fear not, the work will still all get done, it’ll just mean some of it is late.